5 basic zones in a modular kitchen design chennai

The kitchen is a haven for creativity, where everyone from the family can try their hand at preparing a meal. In order for a kitchen to be easily accessible and handy for all, it is important to have a kitchen plan that is neat, simple and yet well designed. Here are 5 basic kitchen zones which have modular kitchen design ideas specially designed to after to the entire family.

modular kitchen

The basic idea of splitting the kitchen into 5 zones is to prevent moving across and getting in the way of other people using the kitchen.

a. Cleaning zone: This is the wash area where the kitchen sink is placed. There should be a covered space for the rubbish bin so that odor does not fill the room. The dishwasher should be placed close to this zone so that the person doing the dishes does not disturb the one who cooks.

b. Cooking zone: This zone consists of the cooking range, the chimney to remove any strong fumes that arise from the dish being prepared and cabinets below the range that store utensils meant for cooking. The spice cupboards should be placed close to this zone so that cooking does not require moving across the room often.

c. Preparation zone: This zone is where vegetables are cut or the dough is kneaded. This zone should be between the cooking and the baking zone.

d. Baking zone: Baking is becoming an increasingly popular craft with young girls and young mothers baking cakes for their loved ones. A space for baking is essential to any kitchen. The baking zone will have space for the oven.

e. Storage zone: The storage zone should contain cabinets that can be used for storing provisions. This zone should be far away from the cleaning zone and the rubbish bin to avoid contamination and a rotten smell.

Every zone is very important to every kitchen and, however small the space may be, a good modular kitchen design will ensure that all these zones are integrated into the kitchen without looking congested. Here are Yuga enterprises we also provide custom design options that lets you enjoy complete control over your modular kitchen design.

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