Modular Kitchen

Ways to transform your traditional kitchen into your dream kitchen

A kitchen is the place where you cook your meals for the entire family but it needn’t be a place where you feel stranded or a place where you hate entering. It should be a place where your creativity blossoms and where meals are created with love. This is especially true if you are a working mother and have both a good job and hungry kids to cater to.


Make it convenient: The space between essential kitchen equipment and the stove shouldn’t be too far away. This will make moving from one place to another cumbersome and eat into special kitchen time. At the same time, there should be enough space in the kitchen to others into the room.

Cozy breakfast islands: Kitchen designs should include islands or even small dining tables that let the family eat a quick breakfast together. These will let the entire family enjoy hot meals while ‘serving time’ is drastically reduced.

Replace old kitchen countertops: Cleaning kitchen counter tops and keeping them looking great is arduous task and can eat into a woman’s time, the best way to keep it simple is to opt for marble , Kota or even corian counter tops that are easy to maintain and look bright. This way it takes little effort to keep the kitchen looking great. Old countertops are very difficult to maintain and will give the impression of kitchens being dull and archaic.

Replace old gas burners: Lighting old gas burners quickly can be a very difficult task and it is also difficult to clean them. The entire process can eat into precious time and keep that you that long away from work. The best thing to do would be to switch to latest hobs that are easy to clean and light up very fast. This way, even if you have let milk to boil over, all it would take is a quick dab to get your kitchen stove looking great again.

Add well designed kitchen storage cabinets: Insufficient kitchen storage can make cooking difficult as reaching out to the spice rack or for the pulses and rice should be convenient. Handy placement of ingredient will make cooking faster and less rushed. For this, there are a variety of kitchen cabinet designs that do not eat into kitchen space but provide the much needed space.

A modular kitchen design is not a fixed entity but a custom designed kitchen design solution that will aid in more effective use of time in the kitchen. Yuga enterprises specialize in such tailor made kitchen design solutions.

Modular kitchen within 1 lakh

3 ways to enhance your modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is designed to look neat and to keep your things tucked away from sight. This should not give the impression that every modular kitchen design idea would look the same. If you want your kitchen to look better than your neighbors, here are 3 great ways to enhance your modular kitchen design.

Modular kitchen

a. Choose an attractive countertop: The countertop extends to quite a long distance in the kitchen and it is one of the first things that is noticed when a person enters the kitchen. How you maintain this countertop is vital to the kitchen looking neat. Quartz and granite are popular options as they come in dark colors are not easily breakable. This will let you use your mortar and pestle to bang on walnut shells and to coarsely grind spices on the countertop without worrying about damage. However, color options are pretty limited, so if you are looking to brighten up your kitchen with a nice counter top then marble has some great color options.

b. Attractive cabinet panels: Here at Yuga enterprises we have a very attractive range of cabinet panels that you can choose from. If you are looking for a plain panel then we have that too but there are some intricate patterns like panels with painted glass. The color of the wood can also be selected, from deep brown to a light brown.

c. Lighting: There are LED lighting options that are available and which can be used to light up the kitchen. These can run along the skirting on the floor and just below the kitchen cabinets. Lights can also run along the backsplash for a truly attractive look.

Your kitchen can be designed to look as attractive as you want it to be. It’s about making a sensible decision with the amount of space in hand and the results that you are looking for. At Yuga enterprises, we assess your need and the finish that you are looking for and we tailor our kitchen design and services to suit your needs.

5 basic zones in a modular kitchen design chennai

The kitchen is a haven for creativity, where everyone from the family can try their hand at preparing a meal. In order for a kitchen to be easily accessible and handy for all, it is important to have a kitchen plan that is neat, simple and yet well designed. Here are 5 basic kitchen zones which have modular kitchen design ideas specially designed to after to the entire family.

modular kitchen

The basic idea of splitting the kitchen into 5 zones is to prevent moving across and getting in the way of other people using the kitchen.

a. Cleaning zone: This is the wash area where the kitchen sink is placed. There should be a covered space for the rubbish bin so that odor does not fill the room. The dishwasher should be placed close to this zone so that the person doing the dishes does not disturb the one who cooks.

b. Cooking zone: This zone consists of the cooking range, the chimney to remove any strong fumes that arise from the dish being prepared and cabinets below the range that store utensils meant for cooking. The spice cupboards should be placed close to this zone so that cooking does not require moving across the room often.

c. Preparation zone: This zone is where vegetables are cut or the dough is kneaded. This zone should be between the cooking and the baking zone.

d. Baking zone: Baking is becoming an increasingly popular craft with young girls and young mothers baking cakes for their loved ones. A space for baking is essential to any kitchen. The baking zone will have space for the oven.

e. Storage zone: The storage zone should contain cabinets that can be used for storing provisions. This zone should be far away from the cleaning zone and the rubbish bin to avoid contamination and a rotten smell.

Every zone is very important to every kitchen and, however small the space may be, a good modular kitchen design will ensure that all these zones are integrated into the kitchen without looking congested. Here are Yuga enterprises we also provide custom design options that lets you enjoy complete control over your modular kitchen design.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen consists of well crafted and designed modules of kitchen cabinets, racks and storage cabinets that offer better utilization of space and provide a designer kitchen that is great on style and utility.

Yuga Enterprises brings International class to India but with Indian cooking practices in mind. This is your chance to get the dream kitchen that looks good in magazines into the reality of your home.

Different units in a modular kitchen:

a. Floor units: These are the kitchen tops that offer work space for cutting vegetables and preparing ingredients for finally making a dish on the stove.

b. Wall units: These are cabinets fixed to the wall that offer good storage space and are at a handy distance to fetch spices for the meal. These may have wooden doors or glass doors, depending on individual preference.

c. Tall storage units: These are storage units that extend from the floor to high up on the wall, providing greater space for storage.