What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen consists of well crafted and designed modules of kitchen cabinets, racks and storage cabinets that offer better utilization of space and provide a designer kitchen that is great on style and utility.

Yuga Enterprises brings International class to India but with Indian cooking practices in mind. This is your chance to get the dream kitchen that looks good in magazines into the reality of your home.

Different units in a modular kitchen:

a. Floor units: These are the kitchen tops that offer work space for cutting vegetables and preparing ingredients for finally making a dish on the stove.

b. Wall units: These are cabinets fixed to the wall that offer good storage space and are at a handy distance to fetch spices for the meal. These may have wooden doors or glass doors, depending on individual preference.

c. Tall storage units: These are storage units that extend from the floor to high up on the wall, providing greater space for storage.

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