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3 important tips for making space for appliances in a modular kitchen

A kitchen is never complete without the appliances that go with it. Modern day cooking is highly dependent on these must have and why not- they save time and effort and the food comes out tasting absolutely divine. Here are 5 important tips for making space for appliances in a modular kitchen:

1) Decide on the number of appliances that you would need: A refrigerator, a wet grinder, a mixie and a microwave oven are present in every Indian home… Apart from that people could opt for an OTG, food processor or even a tandoor oven.

2) How big are these appliances: If these appliances need to be accommodated into a modular kitchen, it is important to measure them well so that appropriate space can be allocated in the design. The measurements should be taken with care; otherwise you would be left with an appliance in one corner and a hollow that is too small for the appliance.

3) Allocating electrical plugs: Planning for electrical plugs is another essential factor while designing a modular kitchen. Appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, grinders, chimney and hobs need an electric plug that is dedicated for their use and which is present near the appliance. Most electric hobs require plugs that are present below the cooking range.

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There are additional plugs that are required for hand held grinders and for appliances that may be used rarely like the sandwich grill or even the bread toaster.

Planning for how many appliance and which brand and make at the start of the modular kitchen design is essential to designing a kitchen that would be convenient for use and which would cater to your needs in the kitchen. Every brand and every model has a different dimension and so these have to be finalized before beginning to create your own little kitchen space.

Organize the arrangement of these appliances in such a manner that you are not eternally running across the room while cooking. The refrigerator may be placed away from the gas stove so that the heat from the stove doesn’t warm the fridge when it is opened. Moreover, the mixie should be placed close to the cooking range so that masalas that are ground can be added to the pan on the flame. Moving across the room to grind masalas ever so often could lead to burning of food.

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