Modular Kitchen

Ways to transform your traditional kitchen into your dream kitchen

A kitchen is the place where you cook your meals for the entire family but it needn’t be a place where you feel stranded or a place where you hate entering. It should be a place where your creativity blossoms and where meals are created with love. This is especially true if you are a working mother and have both a good job and hungry kids to cater to.


Make it convenient: The space between essential kitchen equipment and the stove shouldn’t be too far away. This will make moving from one place to another cumbersome and eat into special kitchen time. At the same time, there should be enough space in the kitchen to others into the room.

Cozy breakfast islands: Kitchen designs should include islands or even small dining tables that let the family eat a quick breakfast together. These will let the entire family enjoy hot meals while ‘serving time’ is drastically reduced.

Replace old kitchen countertops: Cleaning kitchen counter tops and keeping them looking great is arduous task and can eat into a woman’s time, the best way to keep it simple is to opt for marble , Kota or even corian counter tops that are easy to maintain and look bright. This way it takes little effort to keep the kitchen looking great. Old countertops are very difficult to maintain and will give the impression of kitchens being dull and archaic.

Replace old gas burners: Lighting old gas burners quickly can be a very difficult task and it is also difficult to clean them. The entire process can eat into precious time and keep that you that long away from work. The best thing to do would be to switch to latest hobs that are easy to clean and light up very fast. This way, even if you have let milk to boil over, all it would take is a quick dab to get your kitchen stove looking great again.

Add well designed kitchen storage cabinets: Insufficient kitchen storage can make cooking difficult as reaching out to the spice rack or for the pulses and rice should be convenient. Handy placement of ingredient will make cooking faster and less rushed. For this, there are a variety of kitchen cabinet designs that do not eat into kitchen space but provide the much needed space.

A modular kitchen design is not a fixed entity but a custom designed kitchen design solution that will aid in more effective use of time in the kitchen. Yuga enterprises specialize in such tailor made kitchen design solutions.

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