Modular Kitchen Wardrobe

Matte Laminate Finishes

Yuga Modular Kitchen offer Matte [Non Glossy] Laminate finishes – the perfect choice for traditional-style or country-style kitchen cabinets that have routed fronts. The glossy styles can take away the charm of the classical and hence matte laminates are the best choice for such kitchen designs.


Acrylic Finish

Acrylic finishes from Yuga Modular Kitchen is a sensual, glossy mirror like finish, lending itself to a contemporary styled kitchen. Apart from the sheen and modernized feel acrylic finishes are water resistant and non-fading option. Acrylic finishes enjoy high durability and are scratch resistant. The high glossy finish increases the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.


Foil or Membrane Finish

Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an outdated kitchen, Yuga Modular Kitchen inventive and easy to clean membrane pressed cabinet doors and components are sure to please. With different styles and moulds to choose from, these foil finishes make your kitchen looks neat and clean.


PU Finish

PU or Polyurethane finishes are the toughest of all clear coatings. PU Coating finish designs from Yuga Modular Kitchen give richness and depth to the kitchen cabinets and doors while protecting it from the weather scrapes and knocks. PU finish wooden kitchen cabinets bring out the magnificence of the wood and add charisma to the kitchen space.


High Gloss Scratch Proof Panels

High gloss can create emphatic contrast, particularly when used with surfaces that reflect nature, like the dark, textured wood grains that are also waxing in popularity. ABS-PMMA, an advanced engineered polymer is used in the making of these high gloss scratch resistant panels. The polymer has a proprietary coating that makes the surface scratch proof.


UV Coated Finishes

The UV coating is a surface treatment that offers solace from the harmful effects of UV radiation thereby either curing or protecting the material that lies beneath it. No matter the material used, UV coating ensures that the end product is emission free.


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